The Story behind us


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"Pure Techno with simple sound structures & many permanently new definitions of itself."

| Mad Max (Sub Dealers / Tresor / Berlin)

Pushing basses and vocal fragments in a varied sound structure build the base of this techno rhythm.

Shaped by the sound of many years, is it on time now to get the audience of techno scene with publishing our own sound definition about our brand new record label.

That was the reason to create the „TAG&WANDRACH“ project, consisting of the two founding members Nico Heyer, better known as DJ T.A.G. and Thomas Wandrach.

Both are from the late 90s active artists with national and international performances. So was collecting many input over years and this all must coming out now in  their own interpretation.

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Both are not only DJ’s, their are sound creator, producers too. Their creations in techno sounds are in demand and each of them has its own style in their productions. Nevertheless, both immediately found a musical understanding at once. It was inevitable that this collaboration came about. Both can draw on a rich repertoire of experiences and ideas. A fusion of both creates some new sounds.

Through their experience over years, they developed a sense what is working on a floor or what doesn’t work. It’s not surprising that many artist of this electronic music scene, consciously or unconsciously, left their influence behind and helping to create exactly this sound.

At the production workflow they integrating analog / hardware and software modules together, if it’s possible they build sound fragments as stand alone part or as sample. Vocals will be edited and arranged, nothing is left to chance.

Everything is rejected, genre is not important, if it sounds like TAG&WANDRACH then we need a new definition of it.

They are at the beginning and don’t want to take the direct path. Both want to show, what is left or right of this path to meet again in the middle. At the end, the journey is the destination and you’re invited to enjoy it with us.